The Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 007 – Shawn Loong

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This is a story of real perseverance and school of hard knocks from one of Malaysia’s most successful hair stylists. Shawn, now in his 29th year of being a stylist, started at a tender age of 13 when most of us were still too busy playing video games. He achieved what most would call ‘success’ at the young age of 26, and since then continued to learn and progress.

Many years later, he’s still one of the most sought after stylists, overcoming many challenges along the way and staying successful. Here are words of wisdom from Shawn about how he’s managed to do so.

Through his story you’ll learn

  • Why you’ll need to manage your ego, despite reaching the top of your game.
  • How to pass your ‘first stage’ of success before you climb to the ‘2nd stage’.
  • Why it makes sense to keep pushing boundaries.

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Soon MinThe Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 007 – Shawn Loong