The Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 006 – Gobala Krishnan

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When you hear the term ‘make money online’, it’s often associated with something ‘scammy’ or sleazy. Gobala’s journey is a testament to how anybody can start making money online, without the associated nonsense. Starting out in college, thanks to it being in a remote location far away from part time work opportunities, he figured out a better way to make a little extra money. Once that possibility was unlocked, he progressed to discover more ways to create income online.

Making money online for beginners can seem like a daunting thing, in part thanks to the sheer variety that’s out there today. The more complex it becomes, the more scary it seems and some might feel that it’s ‘only for the special/gifted’. Learn why this isn’t the case from Gobala’s own experience.

Through his story you’ll learn

  • Why you don’t really need a special skill to get started in making money online.
  • How finding a ‘desperate need’ is the key toward creating a product that can sell.
  • Why you should nurture your earlier successes, especially when you’re evolving your business.
  • The importance of focus and perseverance, particularly in a field that has so many distractions.

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Soon MinThe Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 006 – Gobala Krishnan