Resting and recalibration

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The other day, I was listening to the guys from the Tropical MBA. It’s an interesting business podcast that focuses on the goal that I’m aspiring towards to now, which is to try and create a location independent business. During the episode, a couple of realisations prompted me to reflect deeper on the year that has passed.

As a result, this post will be the last for awhile as I use the Chinese New Year holidays coming up to really think about things. So that this doesn’t become a useless, farewell post, here’s what I’ll be thinking about and perhaps it can spur you toward your own reflection for the future.

The journey of the blog

When this blog first came up, it was part of a larger plan of building Pitch Confident not only as a service where I physically help coach and upskill people, but it was to eventually be turned into another revenue source through online courses, particularly aimed at the advertising industry.

As the first couple of months went by, I made a decision that it wasn’t to be an area I wanted to focus on. This led me to then refocus on entrepreneurs as a community that I was interested in, and since I’m going through the motions, the blog became an outlet for me to express what I’ve learned, and a way to hone the clarity of my thinking.

Eventually, this became a good habit to have, where I spend a few hours a week writing a post.

The question of time and value

Is what I’m doing the best use of my time? Does it produce significant value? 

While I don’t have the craziest schedule around, I’m certainly committed to many different things. Besides training agencies, clients and startups, I’m also involved with consulting work, and most recently an e-commerce venture that I’ll be spending much more time on this year. This schedule has resulted in the pause of the podcast, and now this weekly blogpost.

When it comes to value, if I take an honest look at what I’ve done so far, I feel that it’s ‘nice to have’, but doesn’t produce as much value as I’d like for my audience. The value created for myself, which is the discipline and habit of writing, is arguable. The only truly unique area of content would be my podcasts, which will likely play a stronger role when I return.

In the meantime, my hours will be spent trying to grow my new venture.

That thing called FOCUS

With what little contemplation I’ve done so far, I realized that I have a habit of ‘spreading’ my sources of income, thus risk. While I still believe in creating diversified streams of income, I’m now conscious that I’m also diluting the efforts within the separate things I’m committed to.

My refocused goals are also now toward this new venture, and I don’t think I’m committing enough time to it, especially in this early stage. I’ve now a clearer target to try and hit, which makes me feel that it’s time to put more energy into achieving that.

At some point in the near future, I’ll produce more content that hopefully creates way more value than what this site currently produces. Till that time comes, keep on pushing forward everyone!

Soon MinResting and recalibration