The Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 005 – Rezhan Majid

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There’s no ‘one defined path’ that all entrepreneurs take. However, what seems to be increasingly popular is the notion of having a powerful sense of purpose, or ‘why’ to what you do. It’s a pleasure to have with us Rezhan Majid, an entrepreneur whose motivation took him from a comfortable corporate position towards striking it out and creating something he felt passionate about.

Passion and purpose are 2 forces that entrepreneurs can harness to their favour. They act not only as agents of change, but as fuel that help us deliver great things through our businesses. Let’s hear how Rezhan does it.

Through his story you’ll learn

  • How the seeds of entrepreneurship can come from anywhere, and how you can nurture that as an employee.
  • How Rezhan’s defines his ‘why’, and how it translates into something tangible that helps his customers get great value.
  • How partnerships and working together with others is a great way to grow, and how to go about doing it.

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Soon MinThe Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 005 – Rezhan Majid