The Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 004 – Anna Rina

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While competition is found in every business space, I believe wedding photography is possibly one of the most intense. Low barriers to entry, coupled with clients that might find it difficult to tell one service apart from another makes it even more awesome that Anna Rina has been at it for 8+ years. To top it off, you immediately get a sense that she’s happy and enjoys what she does.

What stood out to me is how in-tune Anna was in trusting her emotions to help her first get into the field, and eventually towards refining how she ran her business. Here’s how Anna does it.

Through her story you’ll learn

  • How her journey began in an almost experimental and accidental way, and how important it is to notice, then leap at the opportunity.
  • How as entrepreneurs, we have to seek out the type of clients that we connect with, as well as managing situations when that doesn’t always pan out.
  • How to manage burnout, and noticing your inner feelings as a guide to recalibrate yourself and your passion.

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Soon MinThe Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 004 – Anna Rina