The Pitch Confident Podcast EP 003 – Simran Latif

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It’s a pleasure to have Sim with us on this episode. Being in the fitness industry, he’s a guy that’s geared towards providing as much value to his clients, and you can see this attitude continue to play a part even as he extends his business from his fitness classes in Original Bootcamp, right to the amazing event Viper Challenge, Asia’s Largest Obstacle Challenge at the point of this recording.

He shares with us his story of how he first established his Original Bootcamp business with his partner, some of the lessons when it comes to keeping customers happy, and key learnings when it comes to taking on newer and bigger challenges.

Through his story you’ll learn

  • The things that customers really appreciate through years of retaining customers and weathering competition in the market.
  • How different kind of partnerships play such an important role in helping any business come to life.
  • Why setbacks will naturally come, and how he overcame challenging feedback from the imperfect debut of Viper Challenge.

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Soon MinThe Pitch Confident Podcast EP 003 – Simran Latif