The Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 002 – Ija Mohan

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It’s a real pleasure to bring you Ija Mohan from 3Ciety to be with us today. When I first met him, what immediately stood out was not only his physical presence (he’s a big guy!) but the energy and willingness to explore ideas. His explorative nature began during his days as an employee, and you’ll see that continue to play a part in how he moved on to his first taste of business, to the forming of the first version of his company, Zicco Tees, and eventually the evolution towards what we see today at 3Ciety.

As entrepreneurs, it’s a fine balance when it comes to sticking to your guns, and at the same time having the ability to adapt to challenges. Find out how Ija does it.

Through his story you’ll learn

  • How his vision helps him make tough decisions and face challenging situations even from the early days of his career.
  • Despite facing initial rejection for funding, how the situation turned around for the better thanks to one key personality trait.
  • How his character and actions from before continue to make a difference in his life today.

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Soon MinThe Pitch Confident Podcast Ep 002 – Ija Mohan