I’m Soon Min, and here’s why I started Pitch Confident

Soon Min

The Quick Pitch:

I help entrepreneurs strengthen their ideas and walk into any pitch with more confidence. 

The 3 minute version:

I’ve spent more than 10 years with some of the biggest advertising agency networks. (Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO and DDB) My career culminated in leading the Brand Strategy department in Naga DDB, at that point one of the top 3 Malaysian agencies in terms of revenues and staff size.


Through those years, i’ve had the privilege to consult clients in brand, advertising and marketing concerns, involving thousands of presentations and selling of ideas. Along with that, I honed my skills in leading successful pitches that with the creative and account management teams have won multiple accounts worth millions.

Beyond pitching..

I was also given the privilege to conduct dozens of workshops with clients and internal staff alike, including sessions involving participants from more than 9 countries. One particular engagement was to teach and ultimately help structure a multi-agency talent development program called DDB University, where I was consistently rated amongst its top trainers. It’s at that point when I realized that as much as I enjoyed the rush of working on tight deadlines, the camaraderie in bringing an idea to life and the ‘game day’ excitement during pitches, it was helping people develop that gave me the biggest satisfaction.

My journey has now led me to opportunities to help entrepreneurs and marketing professionals alike through:

  • Workshops and consulting for communications agencies focusing on brand strategy, motivating consumers and pitching.
  • Workshops and talks for entrepreneurs helping them with marketing, branding and pitching.
  • The Pitch Confident website as a resource for entrepreneurs and those thinking about taking the leap.

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